"Vente is one of the finest jazz pianists in the city of Chicago.  The larger than life tone Vente draws from the instrument, the harmonic imagination that colors everything he plays and the rhythmic restlessness he expresses with his right hand distinguish him." 

-Howard Reich Chicago Tribune

"Mashall has always been an enthused and flexible musician for us - whether an intimate gathering or at a large party - he comes ready to play and we have a great time!  It's a pleasure working with him." 

-Erin Hause Jones Lang La Salle (Summer '99)

"The other appealing facet of Tuesday's opening night festivites came from the piano of Marshall Vente, who served as accompanist for all the headliners (singers Linda Tate, April Aloisio and Southport co-owner Joanie Pallatto).  Perhaps if Vente's pianism had been less imposing, the vocalists might not have seemed so slight by comparison.

But Vente address the keyboard much the way bandleader composer Stan Kenton used to do, bringing an immense sound, vibrant tone and massive, complex chords to his work as accompanist. 

Even so, Vente brought remarkable musical variety to each of his solos, reflecting the character of the particular song at hand.  He is one of the most underrated keyboardists in the city.

-Howard Reich Chicago Tribune Arts Critic

"Chicagoan Marshall Vente is in charge on the first floor until the end of the festival.

He can mix it up with the best of them with straight ahead stuff as well as cool it down with bossa nova and other Latin rhythms."

-Jack McCray Of the Post and Courier staff




Marshall at the Empire Room, Palmer House, Chicago


You may contact Marshall Vente 
by phone at: (630) 541-3381

Cell phone: (630) 430-5113

or by e-mail at


Marshall Vente 
P.O. Box 1135
Westmont, IL 60559

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