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Marshall Vente Octet
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The classic 18 piece big band featuring swing music of the '30s and '40s with vocals and contemporary jazz arrangements.

The "Real" Big Band (19-pcs.) has two repetoires.  An all original book for festivals, concerts and clubs; and, a collection of all the favorite big bands of the past: Woody Herman, Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Stan Kenton, Thad Jones, Count Basie and more. . . 

The following are sample soundbytes of the "Real" Big Band in action

Big Band Dance Demos

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"Your hard work, flexibility, adaptability and artistry all contributed to the Dinner, which set a new standard for future productions." 

-William McClintic, President, Indiana Society of Chicago

"Saturday night's big band was the most eagerly anticipated ensemble of the Friday-through-Sunday festival, with Vente leading a stunning 18-piece group in scores of unusual subtlety and refinement.  Dubbed the Marshall Vente Ltd. Edition Jazz Orchestra, the ensemble and its leader took pains to be something more than just a large collection of players who can play loudly.

On the contrary, one was struck time and again by the plushness of this band's sound, the whimsy of its phrasing and the complexity of colors and textures that it conveyed.  From the opening tune, a Vente original titled "Monk's Still Here." the players excelled in meticulous phrasing, precise stops and starts and a crisp sonic balance between soloist and ensemble. 

-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune Arts Critic

"...Vente has crafted the Project into a flexible and powerful tool for his writing, and together they produce some of the city's most exciting music." 

-Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader, Critic's Choice

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